About Cyberconverse

Cyberconverse is a web application for reducing cyber security risks due to the human factor. Cyberconverse is created by Security Quotient.

The journey

Security Quotient began in 2007 with a laser sharp focus on security awareness. Our clientele extends 23 countries, 11 languages and various industry verticals. Working with a diverse group of cyber security managers comes with advantages. We gained first hand knowledge and innate understanding of challenges faced by them.

The human related cyber security challenges faced by our clients

The challenges our clients face range from cultural and behavioural to technical and regulatory.

  • The increasing number of cyber attacks
  • The gap between an attack surfacing and the employees being informed
  • The short attention span of employees that negatively impacts training
  • Lack of visibility for CISOs and Cyber Security teams amongst employees
  • The absence of deep analytics for cyber security training data
  • The absence of risk analysis models applicable to learning data
  • The absence of peer benchmarking for cyber security awareness
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Cyberconverse – Engineered from experience

It is said that good innovations solve real problems and challenges. Cyberconverse is engineered from first hand experiences to solve challenges. Each feature in Cyberconverse is designed in response to a challenge.
  • Red alerts reduce the time-gap between an attack and the employee being informed
  • Fast and flexible micro-learning for busy employees
  • Conversations are built around each training content to engage CISOs with employees
  • Deep learning data analytics and peer benchmarking is built into the DNA of the app
  • Further, Cyberconverse aligns with compliance goals such as GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001 etc.

The development model

At each stage of the development we engage with our clients and the cyber security community. We invite cyber security professionals from around the globe to join us in beta testing Cyberconverse.

The management team

Anup Narayanan - Founder and CEO
Anup Narayanan, CISA
Founder CEO and Managing Director

Cyber security practitioner since 1999, founder of Security Quotient, independent filmmaker and avid traveller. Read full bio…

Thomas Kurian Ambattu
Thomas Kurian Ambattu, CRISC
Director, Head of Security Awareness and Competence

Practicing cyber security for more than 20 years. Manages the entire delivery cycle at Security Quotient. Life-long learner and avid community contributor. Read full bio…

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