Here is a list of common cyber security mistakes employees make.
1. Weak Login Credentials
Some people are not that good at memorising things. Such people use the same credentials for all their accounts. Using a password which is your information, nickname can be a problem too.
2. Unrestricted access
Some organisations have poor access controls. This means that unauthorised employees have the access to sensitive information and files.
3. Opening unknown emails and attachments
Phishing emails have outlasted advancement in technology. They don’t seem to go away. Opening an unknown email or downloading the attachment from such emails can lead to malware infection.
4. Disclosing too much information
We love to share information. With the advent of social media, this has become a behavioural trait. But, how much is too much? The more we share, the more exposed we are.
5. Weak end-point devices
Employees uses personal devices for business. These devices may not have the same robust security configurations found in enterprise devices. Hence, these end-points are the preferred gateways for criminals to target enterprise systems.