Cyber Security Awareness Training Samples

A positive culture is built when majority of the workforce demonstrates the same behavioural traits. Hence, training programs must be developed with a vision to foster positive behaviour. Cyberconverse designs training programs using the time-tested learning by doing method in order to build cognitive and kinetic cyber security skills that builds positive cyber security behaviour.

Cyber Risk Simulations using 3D environments

We use 3D cyber-risk simulations and interactions in order to re-create realistic cyber security risks. Exposure to these risks in a safe environment helps learners to experience the risks and to solve them.

Juice Jacking Awareness Video

Avoid Juice Jacking

Mobile Apps Awareness Video

Protect mobile devices

Secure Wifi hotspot awareness video

Choose Safe WiFi Hotspots

Micro-learning courses

Fast, flexible and friendly, micro-learning courses are optimised for busy corporate workers.

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